The KONA Group presents Pipedrive

The KONA Group is a proud partner of Pipedrive CRM.


About Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a market-leading customer relationship management (CRM) software with a special focus on small and medium-sized businesses and sales pipeline management. The longer and more complicated the sales process is, the bigger the benefits offered by Pipedrive.
Pipedrive was founded by experienced sales trainers who got frustrated by not finding a single convenient CRM product in the market. Because of that, our emphasis has always been on making CRM so easy to use that salespeople will love it.

Who uses Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is today used by over 50,000 customers in more than 140 countries and has won a number of global awards. Pipedrive is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS), meaning that our customers do not need to invest in their own infrastructure or worry about version upgrades.

  • Powerful pipeline management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Email integration
  • Multilanguage and multicurrency
  • Easy customization; drag and drop
  • Integrated with most major related services via powerful APIs
  • Simple data import and export
  • Reliable and safe

Take your pipeline with you on the go!

Did you know that you can track your sales calls with Pipedrive iOS and Android apps? Just open the app, start the call and let Pipedrive do the rest. Download the app and organize your sales on the go, even when you're not connected to the web. It is all synced when you get back to the office.

Mobile app

Does Pipedrive work with other apps?

Pipedrive works with Gmail, Google Maps, Google Apps and Google Drive, and about 40 other direct integrations are available, as well as hundreds more via Zapier. For those new Pipedrive customers who have been using other CRM platforms, easy migration is available from competing systems.



US $ 12 /mo
  • Full sales management features
  • Smart email BCC
  • 2GB storage per user
  • Live chat & email support


US $ 29 /mo
  • Full sales management features
  • Full email sync
  • 5GB storage per user
  • Live chat & email support


US $ 75 /mo
  • Full sales management features
  • Full email sync
  • 100GB storage per user
  • Phone, live chat & email support
  • Dedicated hosting

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